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Thbillpay Survey: Today, if you see a lot of people are restless thinking about their beloved health condition. At times, there will be a situation of facing hurdles managing personal and professional life simultaneously. Whatever the situation is, identifying the best hospital for your loved ones in a short time is not that easy.

Even though there is a good medication, and good hospitals which are surviving and doing best over worldwide, handling certain things like paying hospital bills, and managing others were still difficult. As we all know every problem has a perfect solution, for all such queries, we have come with one perfect solution. Even Peryourhealth has the same features as thbillpay, You can even check that.

Thbillpay Survey – Avail Team health’s Patient Billing Services Online

This is none other than the concept called thbillpay survey. Whatever payment is going to be done, will ultimately be in large crises. Transporting the same in a single instance and providing the bill immediately is not that easy and too risky in the business fields. So making use of thbillpay, one can manage very fast.

What is Thbillpay Survey

Thbillpay is abbreviated as Team Healths Patient Billing Service Center that greatly helps millions of people handling all these circumstances bit more easier. Moreover, no user has to worry about security issues. This is because one can go with without making any other thought.

Not only it looks after easy payment option but also one can review the respective payment irrespective of place and time. It is totally a user-friendly platform. And accepts the payment on behalf of all the medical services and hospitals available worldwide.

Requirements of Thbillpay (TeamHealth Patient Billing Services Center)

Here we have come with multiple requirements undergone initially for participating in the thbillpay survey. Let us start analyzing all the details provided in the form of clear and better understandable format.

  • Need a patient SSN number in case of retrieving the person’s user account details.
  • Details like address, phone number, and much more.
  • What kind of relationship you have with the diseased person.
  • Band details like name, type of the account you have and much more.
  • One should have an account with the Team health and respective 14-digit account number. This account number can be identified on the receipt given by either medical representatives or from the hospitals respectively.

These are the points to be taken into consideration. Once after undergone such requirements, the user can initiate to participate in the survey.

Steps to Getting User Account Number at Thbillpay Survey

This is when you failed to have a 14-digit account number. Just follow the below steps in order to retrieve it right away.

  • In general, the user account number is going to be identified on the respective statement you received either from the medical representatives or the hospitals without making second thought.

thebillpay survey

  • For any issues, just simply make contact with the following details. If you are making a call with the patient service center, then 888.952.6772 is a toll-free number. Most of the times, they were going to be available at Monday-Friday: 8 am – 8 pm, ET and Saturday: 10 am – 3 pm, ET respectively.
  • Or else navigate to the and tap on account available at the top left corner of the website. There you have to fill all the details like team health account number and Patient SSN (last 4-digit number) and then click on submit.

Customer Reviews of Thbillpay

How to Secure Payments at

Following are the instructions to be followed in order to secure all the payments at thbillpay survey respectively.

  • Now once after gathering all the requirements successfully, navigate to the official site displayed on the screen as shown below.

TeamHealth Patient Billing Service Center

  • Now once after navigating to the home page, one can notice the menu available on the top of the page. Here you are.


  • This is where one can find out three different payment options listed in the form of a menu bar. Pick the one you like to go with very well.

Pay By Credit Card

Once after tapping on the option called pay by credit card, you are navigated to that particular page. And there provide the team health account number (14-digit) which is easily located on the respective statement. Therefore, click on submit.

thbillpay survey form

As a result, the server asks you to fill the details like credit card number, CVV code that is available at the back of the card, name on the card, card type whether it is Master card/ VISA/ other and finally expiry date of the respective card. Make sure you have entered the details with appropriate care and do the payment.

Pay by E-Check

Well, perform a single tap on the respective option same as what you have done on pay by credit card option. So that it helps to navigate to one particular page. There just simply go through the information provided and fill the details like-digit team health account number. As a result, click on submit.


Crosscheck the bank account in which you like to pay through. And then fill up all the required details and pay the cash directly from the bank. That’s all!!!! No one has to worry about security issues. This is because it is 100% safe and secure enough.

Provide Insurance Information

This is one better option done by any single user. After the successful tap, you are navigated to the respective page. And there do not forget to fill the details like 14-digit account number and type of the insurance like either picking up Medicare/ Medicaid/ Blue Cross/ Blue Shield/ Champus/ Workers/ Compensation/ Other (Commercial)/ Automobile respectively.

TeamHealth Patient Billing Services Center survey

At last tap on submit. And then accordingly continue to transfer all the bills to the insurance which in further is going to claim successfully.  But just remember when you are going with this particular option, file up all the bills in a proper manner taking appropriate care.


Therefore, these are the most important details which every person has to aware of them before participating in the survey. If you like to have more details also not an issue. We are here to provide any help in clearing out all your doubts if any. Thank you. Stay connected with volunteerinsrilanka for learning more


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